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The Maryland Seeding Association was formed in 1986 to protect the right of seeding contractors to use water from public hydrants for seeding projects. Shortly afterwards, MSA became a member of the Maryland Turfgrass Council, and hosted the first of its annual educational seminars at the Turfgrass ‘87 Conference & Trade Show.

Since then, MSA has become the principal advocate of seeding contractors in Maryland and a leader in the turf industry. MSA members include seeding contractors, lawn care and grounds maintenance professionals, landscapers, sports turf managers, sod producers, seed and equipment suppliers, and researchers at University of Maryland and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

MSA is dedicated to the improvement of seeding methods and technology in Maryland. By uniting vendors, contractors and researchers, MSA promotes excellence in the seeding industry. In addition to maintaining its website and publishing MSA GUIDELINE SPECIFICATIONS 2005, MSA sponsors membership meetings and other events through the year, and supports turfgrass-related events in Maryland.

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